Diana Wallis stands for Election of the President of the EU Parliament

Vice-president of the European Parliament Diana Wallis, known as an active supporter of mediation in the European Union and outside its borders, will stand as a candidate for the election of the EP president, which is to be held at the plenary session in Strasbourg on January, 17. Her opponents are German politician Martin Schultz and a Nirj Deva from the UK.

Walliss election agenda and main points of her campaign can be found at her official site as a candidate or her Facebook page.

Diana Wallis is a long-time partner of the Center for Mediation and Law. In October 2011 she was supposed to participate in the international conference "Mediation as an Investment in the Future", organized by the Center of Mediation and Law. Unfortunately Mrs.Wallis wasnt able to visit Moscow in person for the reason of her engagement in the work of the Parliament at that moment, but she prepared a special video address to the participants of the conference.

Center for Mediation and Law wishes Mrs.Wallis success at the forthcoming election and new opportunities for development of ADR and its integration into the legal culture of EU countries and worldwide.