Tsisana Shamlikashvili Listed Among Russia’s Top-10 Lawyers

President of the Center for Mediation and Law Tsisana Shamlikashvili reached Russia’s Top-10 of legal professionals, according to survey conducted by “The Russian Reporter” magazine and Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

Survey was designed to show 100 most influential personalities divided into 10 nominations: social activists, teachers, doctors, scientists, sportsmen, lawyers, cultural figures, businessmen, civil servants and military officials. Personalities were chosen by more than 450 experts who participated in the survey.

List of ten most influential legal professionals included:

Henri Reznik, attorney, chairman of the Moscow City Bar Association
Pavel Astakhov, attorney, Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of Russia
Alexei Navalny, lawyer and social activist, known for his criticism of corruption in Russia
Heinrich Padva, attorney, managing partner at “Padva and Partners” Law Office
Anatoly Ivanov, chairman of the Supreme Court of Arbitration of Russia
Vyacheslav Lebedev, chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia
Gasan Mirzoev, chairman of the Russian Bar Association
Anatoly Kucherena, attorney, member of the Civic Chamber of Russia
Mikhail Ter-Sarkisov, attorney, managing partner at “Lipatnikova, Ter-Sarkisov and Partners”
Tsisana Shamlikashvili, mediator, President of the National Organization of Mediators

Prof. Shamlikashvili was nominated by the law community for “active integration of new technologies into legal practice”. “It is mostly by her efforts that the Law on Alternative Procedure of Dispute Settlement with Participation of a Mediator was adopted”, - stated the journal’s experts.

“This nomination reflects the fact that mediation is starting to play greater role in Russian legal culture”, - says Prof.Shamlikashvili.

Read more at the website of “The Russian Reporter” (in Russian)