Tsisana Shamlikashvili gave a lecture at Harvard University

On April, 2 professor Tsisana Shamlikashvili, founder and scientific chair of the Center for Mediation and Law visited the Harvard School of Law and presented a lecture titled "The Promise of Mediation in Russia".

In her lecture she covered a brief history of mediation in Russia and addressed some of the difficulties faced by this method of alternative dispute resolution on its way to integration into Russian legal culture. Some of the topics she mentioned were:

  • Is mediation in Russia only a fashionable trend or a sign of growing civil society?

  • What are the differences between former communist countries and Western jurisdictions in terms of integrating mediation in social relations?

  • Can mediation be a social tool helping to overcome corruption?

  • What are the main obstacles for successful development of mediation in Russia?

  • Professor Shamlikashvili visited Harvard at the invitation of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, one of the world's best reputed educational and research institutions in the field of negotiation theory and practice.